We implement a practice that extends our sphere of engagement into the heart of the enterprise, building solutions in the same ways and in service to the same ends that we build culture.

Corporate culture, market culture, personal culture and social culture are all driven collaboratively by desired outcomes and values congruence combined with innovation and action. Our process begins with an Organizational Assessment (OA) which reveals the authentic identity of the enterprise within its ecosystem, along with capacities and strengths which point to the ability of the client to achieve the desired outcomes.

Next we use the technical and performative outputs from our OA to establish traditional benchmarks and craft forecasts. We generate an equal suite of evaluative tools to measure the cultural change in fostering creativity, innovation and collaboration. Both suites of evaluative tools are designed to not only demonstrate bottom line benefit and the value of the initiative to the client but to signal a need for refinement should one occur. 

Deliverables as part of the process include market assessments, resource rosters and critical path maps. We propose engagements that not only launch the initiative but afford the ability to work as far into the journey as an organization requires.

Ideate - Assess - Design Initiative and Measures - Implement - Evaluate - Act - Assess