After five years of rigorously accredited MBA capstone curriculum development and deployment, and writing and teaching an innovative original sequence of seven undergraduate courses focused on creative enterprise and cultural innovation, we deliver unique, needs based training within your organization. These are deployed on-demand and in alignment with your innovation culture.

When worked in order, our human capacity development sequence brings learning and doing together, growing your organization's generative capacity and developing your teams at the individual level. As a result, creative teams, responsible for marketing, technology, product development and innovation, gain multi-disciplinary perspectives, while traditional units, responsible for accounting, operations and finance, better understand the risk accommodations of creative activity. This keeps your core business and innovation cycle in balance and moving forward.  

Module Sequence

Creative Self: Embracing the Creative Personality (Plasticity, Divergence and Convergence) and Understanding Self (Strengths and Limits)

Creative Other: Stakeholder Mapping, Network Mapping, Audience, Market, Segmentation

Creative Teams and Emergent Leadership: Scientific Management vs. Quantum Management, creative process design, human centered design

Creative Enterprise:

Creative Teams and Manageable Creativity: Heroic and Structural models

Creative Values: Values Congruence Across Stakeholder Groups

Creative Startup: Startup Lifecycle, Value Creation and Equity Creation

Enterprise Management: Generic Strategy, Cash Flow Budgeting, Breakeven Analysis, Contribution Income Statement, Market Positioning, Customer Lifetime Value, Marketing Funnel, Free Cash Flows

Creative Disruption: Economic, Social, Cultural, Market

Creative Reconfiguration: How continuous creative activity (generation and selection combined) stabilizes your whole enterprise, converts uncertainty into risk, and keeps you close to the frontier