We crafted The Machine out of our work with over 50 creative enterprises, ranging from the individual creative professional to small, boutique, values-driven companies to industry leading giants. The Machine covers the entire enterprise ecosystem in a controlled and systematic way, generating focus around critical questions of strategy. Time and again, it quickly locates areas of opportunity or concern and acts as a catalyst for evolution. 

For a creative enterprise to be realized, all the pieces of The Machine have to come together at the same time. We can't examine all of the components simultaneously. We focus on systematic analysis, targeting key process elements through a narrow lens. For that reason, The Machine is not a straight line but a circle. We turn the wheel iteratively, learning with each pass, assessing, considering, ideating, co-creating as we go. Ideas arise and must be tested. The testing leads to evolution and learning. The learning leads to better ideas and original knowledge. 

The Machine is a guided catalyst--accelerating, redirecting, evolving initiatives as rapidly as the enterprise can tolerate the movement.