Cake Machine is built on a combined 30 years of multi-industry management experience. We have worked as leaders in design to build, film, music, and manufacturing, as well as import-export and publishing. We have worked with over 50+ companies from a small organic farm, to leaders in e-commerce and interactive. We have designed learning platforms that deliver accredited curriculum at the MBA capstone level and real world business capability to conservatory trained artists.

Our place is in the uncomfortable space where uncertainty and possibility reside, where known solutions and prescribed outcomes do not fit, where the next step is the second and third and fourth step together, where not one business unit, but the entire enterprise is moved by the initiative.

We serve bootstrap startups who have a disruptive product and need the rest: infrastructure design, value chain architecture and go to market strategy.

We serve market dominant industry leaders, guiding their change movement, introducing them to emergent markets. We help craft achievement benchmarks that are the result of cultivating a collaborative-creative culture in their formerly traditional culture and static company model.

We partner with creatives, who have viable concepts, services and content, and need the “how” for their “what”.

This is the creative economy; it is shaped by capable, collaborative and disruptive creatives and the organizations that are lead by them.

Aric Mayer

Aric spent the first decade of his career building and delivering on vertically integrated disruptive production systems for Time Inc and Hearst that supported millions of dollars in operating profit per week. The second decade he spent converting that experience into enterprise level models that start with meaningful activity and build out entire organizations in support of those outcomes. 

He holds an MFA in Painting from Pratt Institute and an MBA from Western Washington University. At Pratt he co-founded and was the first president of the Pratt Artists’ League. Aric’s photographs are exhibited internationally. His writing on visual rhetoric following Hurricane Katrina continues to shape the conversation around how aesthetics interact with politics in large scale events.

Within the MBA program at Western, Aric developed the Consulting Capstone, a five-month comprehensive enterprise management engagement that brings MBA curricula and real world strategy projects together in a structured process that catalyzes organizational progress. Aric is a founding member of Western Washington University’s Social Justice and Equity Committee and he serves as co-chair of the SJEC Faculty Learning Labs, which drive cross-disciplinary research, knowledge sharing and problem solving in service to equity and inclusion.

Aric has experience across the business spectrum, from billion-dollar legacy enterprises to scrappy startups that are trying to change the world. He developed creative projects for the Wall Street Journal, Sony Entertainment, MTV Networks/Comedy Central, Columbia Journalism Review, McSweeney’s, Bomb Magazine, the Studio Museum in Harlem and Volume. Aric’s photographs are published, exhibited and collected internationally. He is a strategy and creative advisor for Vision Not Victim.



Lucas G Senger

Lucas G Senger BFA, MBA is a multi industry creative professional. His professional trajectory launched as a performing artist, where he shared the stage with the likes of The Roots, Black Eyed Peas, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu Tang Clan, KRS One, Rakim, Macklemore and others. He traversed the music industry in a time of massive disruption, as technology and the audience brought monumental shifts to space.

Lucas' career in mainline industry began managing marketing and go-to-market strategy for an innovative, domestic, design products firm. As a product manager he guided product into an international network of differentiated boutique retailers and scaled his lines into placement with broad-scale retail partners. Lucas evolved his role into operations; implementing a pull system and design-to-build strategy that facilitated both B2B and D2C distribution models. He then migrated into an enterprise management position as the firm diversified category offerings and implemented an offshore manufacturing model in complement to the company's core domestic activity.

Executing a career pivot into film and media production, his projects have received top honors at Tribeca, SXSW, Naples, Manchester and SIFF. Additionally, Lucas has contributed production leadership to media projects that have been broadcast on Vice, MTV, Fuse and Sundance networks and platforms, and have been featured in Rolling Stone, Spin, Ego Trip and Indiewire.

He contributes to Western's MBA capstone as a consulting coach and external project auditor. Lucas is the co-author of a program focused on the frameworks that support and cultivate Arts Enterprise and Cultural Innovation. Lucas holds an MBA from Western Washington University where his culminating study was dedicated to frameworks of management for creative products, projects and people, work that in combination with his experience contribute to the foundational architecture of Cake Machine.